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NOTE: We have a way to reward those who actively promote!
 As soon as you have 6 people under you:

1) YOU cycle and get paid YOUR first $60
(even if you have zero referrals)

2) ==>> YOU receive an automatic No Cost Re-entry
                  to earn $60 over & over & over again,

3) ==>> Use part of your earnings to upgrade
      to the next Phase to also earn $130 over & over.

4) When $130 appears in your back office the 1st time:
      - upgrade to the next Phase to also earn $250 over & over.

5) When $250 appears in your back office the 1st time:
      - upgrade to the last Phase to also earn $400 over & over

6) From now on you get paid Smile
     ==>> $60 + $130 + $250 + $400 (that is a whopping $840)
                 over & over & over & again & again...

You don't need to constantly find new people!
Your referrals (and their referrals) will follow you!

Each time you cycle in any Phase - YOU receive an automatic No Cost Re-entry.
To each next Phase/matrix you upgrade (with your earnings) only once.

And all this from a single out-of-pocket payment of just $25!
I love it!  And you?

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 After you have paid the one-time $25 and your position has been activated

You Must Do This (otherwise we will NOT be able to help you):

Send the following...

1) Your full name

2) Your chosen username

3) Full name of the team member you joined under
(as soon as you log into your new 2by2foryou account - you'll see their name)

4) How did you hear of us

Send the above information to...

Type in the subject line: "I have joined 2by2ForYou"

Wink Then keep checking your inbox
for the arrival of the team Welcome Message Smile

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 Although you can get paid before you have your 1st referral,
the best way to assure that 2by2ForYou system works for us smoothly,
each of us should have 2 personal referrals who will follow us forever.
 This is what YOU receive from our Team:
 1) Personal Splash Page
exactly the same like this one but
with your own 2by2 link embedded in it
to help you enroll unlimited referrals
 2) Advertising resources,
      email swipes, support...
 3) If you still don't have your 2
by the time your turn comes*) - we will add
      your link to our Team Rotator and other team
      members will help you get your 2.
  • "By the time your turn comes"
    - Please understand that we cannot give you a priority placing in the team rotator. 
    - We must take care of those who joined previously first.
As we don't have any factory to produce unlimited new members on a daily basis
- We ALL do our best to help each other - That's what the Team is for.